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The following services can be purchased individually or as part of a retainer package. Call for Details!

Review/Analysis of your overall business operation.
Strategic Planning: Business & Operations.
Profitability Assessment with recommendations.
Projection of revenue goals and outlining of objectives.

Strategic Planning Of Advertising/Marketing Program. Pre-planning for
   Annual allocation of materials, Ads and all promotional programs for
   the year. On going monitoring of advertising effectiveness and regular
   review of planned projects.

Advertising/Marketing Budgeting: Prepare annual Advertising/Marketing
   Budget. Review existing budget and make modifications and
   recommendations. On going monitoring of the effectiveness of
   budgetary allocations.

Defining your position in the marketplace. Defining demographics,
   geographics, psychographics, sociographics, etc.

Assessing your company image with concrete recommendations for
   improvement. (Evaluate uniforms, vehicles, office procedures,
   stationery, sales and promotional materials and advertising.)

Evaluation of customer attrition rates with recommendations on how
   to control and significantly reduce customer cancellations.

Evaluating and making revisions and improvements to your customer
   relations’ policy.

Evaluating and making revisions and improvements to your public
   relations policy.

Review of your pricing structure with recommendations on how to
   increase pricing with minimum negative impact on customers.

Evaluation of current marketing procedures, including but not limited
   to: Sales tools/sales promotions/ sales materials, and advertising
   program (including analysis of yellow page advertising), with specific
   marketing recommendations on how to enhance and build current
   programs and create new programs.

Evaluation of, and recommendations for tracking of the following
   systems: Monthly revenue, monthly revenue by category, customer
   cancellations, promotional program tracking, customer count, lead
   reports, weekly selling of services, year to date cross selling of
   services, weekly customer referral tally, year to date customer referral
   tally, advertising value tracking (ROI), and annual revenue.

Branding & Logo Development
Customer Referral Programs

Evaluation of company’s organizational and management structure
   with recommendations, if needed, on how to facilitate a higher rate of
   efficiency and effectiveness.

Design, tabulation & interpretation of: Employee Satisfaction Surveys,
   Customer Quality Assurance Surveys and Personality Testing Surveys.

Design/copy-writing of: Door hangers, radio commercials, newspaper
   ads, directory ads, direct mail pieces, client letters, promotions,
   brochures, etc.

Design of the following letters: (these are only a minute sampling of
   what is available) Acquisition letters, collection letters, price
   adjustment (increase) letters, Existing customer letters, new customer
   letters, Realtor letters, termite letters, cross selling letters, lawn, tree &
   shrub letters, referral letters, letters to religious organizations, etc.

Development of company Branding programs.
Development of Mission Statements, Vision Statements & slogans.
Management/Leadership Training.
Office Staff –Customer Service Training.
Sales Training
Technician Customer Service & Sales Training.
Management/Employee conflict advice and resolution counseling.

Facilitator of annual SWOT - Strategic Planning & Analysis Sessions:
   (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).

Design of employee incentive and “commission rewards” programs.

Design programs that (these are only a minute sampling of the
   programs available): Capture new customers that recently moved into
   homes previously serviced by the company; Maximize the flea and tick
   market; Specifically target market niches; Generate multiple sales and
   referrals from the initial customer contact; Significantly increase the
   GHP and termite renewal percentages (including pre-treat renewals);
   Reduce account receivables.

Quality Assurance audits of customer service related issues.
Market Research and Analysis

Customer Service/Retention Training for Technicians, Managers and
   Office Staff

Leadership Development
Green Marketing Programs

Technician/Customer Service/Sales Training Power-Point Program
   w/verifiable testing

Design of Customer Referral Programs
Design and Composition of Promotional Letters to Customers
Supervision of Graphic Design
Copywriting for Marketing and Advertising Materials
Telephone Directory Ad Design Supervision and Placement Consulting
Direct Mail Program Guidance & Support
Public Relations/Press Releases
Radio and TV Production Supervision
Branch Expansion Guidance

Acquisition Guidance

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