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When we help you with developing your Marketing/Business Plan, we go the extra mile.  Here is what you can expect from us as we work with you:

  1. Compilation, Correlation and Evaluation Of All Relevant Submitted

  2. Initial on-site meeting & fact-finding session.

  3. Presentation of Marketing Plan.

  4. Unlimited 30 day telephone access, with support, to further clarify
         plan - post completion.

Areas your Marketing Plan will address:

  Summary of company history and evolution.

  Comprehensive analysis of current operations.


  Detailed breakdown of business composition by segmenting individual


  Examination of business cost factors (payroll expense, advertising /
     marketing costs, overhead, etc.) and comparison with Industry


  Projection of revenue goals and outlining of objectives for next 5


  Exploring options to facilitate growth through acquisition and
     expansion (an overview).


   Defining company position in the marketplace.

  Identifying and targeting market share.


  Assessing company image/perception with concrete recommendations
     for improvement (evaluate uniforms, vehicles, office procedures,
     stationery, sales and promotional materials and advertising.).


  Evaluation of customer attrition rates with sound recommendations on
     how to control and significantly reduce customer cancellations.


  Review and evaluation of customer relations policy and programs.

  Review and evaluation of public relations policy and programs.


  Analysis of pricing structure with recommendations on how to
     increase pricing with minimum negative impact on customers.


  Evaluation of current marketing procedures, including but not limited
     to: sales tools / sales promotions / sales materials, and advertising
     program, with specific marketing recommendations on how to
     enhance current programs and create new strategies


  Analysis of advertising/marketing budget with recommendations.


  Evaluation of current auditing procedures and design of specific
     systems to facilitate optimum tracking in the following areas: sales,
     customer service, customer retention, marketing and advertising.


  Evaluation of company’s organizational and management structure
     with recommendations, if needed, on how to facilitate a higher rate
     of efficiency and effectiveness.


  Cost projections for individual components of plan implementation
     with resource list when applicable.

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