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We offer a number of Seminars, including:
(Click on any of the seminars listed below to see a more detailed description of it.)

1. Preparing For and Marketing a Green Program
    (For All Employees)

2. What You Need To Know Before Implementing Add-On Services
    (For Owners & Managers)

3. Strategic Planning & Marketing for the Small Pest Control Company
    (For Owners & Managers)

4. IPM – The Big Picture
    (For Technicians)

5. Pre-planning Your Marketing/Advertising Strategy
    (For Owners & Managers)

6. Training Your Technicians as a Supplementary Sales Force
    (For Owners & Managers)

7. Turning Your Workforce into a Cohesive Team
    (For Owners & Managers)

8. Marketing Your Way To More Business
    (For Owners, Managers, Technicians & all Employees)

9. Marketing For Pest Control Businesses
    (For Owners & Managers)

10. Marketing Strategy: "The Harvard Experience - Part I"
    (For Owners & Managers)

11. Marketing Strategy: "The Harvard Experience - Part II"
    (For Owners & Managers)

12. The Nuts & Bolts Of Business: Smooth Business Operations Through
      Planning, Aggressive Management, Marketing & Organization

    (For Owners & Managers)

13. Customer Service & Retention - Training Seminar
    (For Employees)

14. Growing Your Business By Preventing Cancellations
(For Owners & Managers)

15. Teamwork: Working Together, Providing Solutions
    (This Session Can Be Targeted For Owners & Managers, Service
    Employees, Or Can Be A Combined Session.)

16. Controlling Your Costs To Add To Your Profits
    (For Owners & Managers)

17. Pricing For Profit
    (For Owners & Managers)

18. Operating, Managing & Marketing Tomorrow’s Pest Management
    (For Owners, Managers, Senior Office Personnel & Sales Personnel)

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