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Customer Service & Retention - Training Seminar
        (For Employees)


Intensive training program for employees- focusing on teaching the front line people how to better communicate with their customers. The goal of this session is to reduce & prevent the loss of customers by teaching the psychology of his/her customer. Some of the topics covered in this session are: "Why Customers Switch Companies," What Is The Price/Value Relationship,"  "Image: Perception Is What It's All About, "Operating As A Team," "The Responsibilities Of The Professional Technician", "Educating The Customer", "The Technicians Role In Keeping The Customer Loyal", "Defining & Fulfilling Customer Expectations", "Maintaining Source Credibility, "The Dimensions Of Customer Service", " Performing At The Desired Level Of Service".

The companies who send their employees to attend this seminar will see results in the form of less cancellations and greater revenues.


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