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Teamwork: Working Together, Providing Solutions
        (This Session Can Be Targeted For Owners & Managers, Service
        Employees, Or Can Be A Combined Session.)


This session demonstrates the advantages of turning your individual employees into a cohesive group of unified team players. Your bottom line could realize a real shot in the arm after attending this session and putting into place the recommended modifications in your company's operational structure. Some of the topics covered: "A Football Team & A Pest Control Company: An Analogy," "What Is A Team?," "What Is The Purpose In Shifting Into A Teamwork Mode?," "What Are The Top Seven Employee Motivators?," "The Traditional Teamwork Environment vs. Team Environment," "What Are The Results Of  Teamwork For The Employer & Employee?," "What Are The Common Values Shared By Members Of The Team?,"

"What Are The Most Common Obstacles To Implementing A Team Mind-Set In An Organization?," "Understanding Today's Service Culture And Its Relationship With The Employee," "The Responsibilities Of Management, In Motivating Employees, In A Team Environment," "The Responsibilities Of The Employee, Operating In A Team Environment," "America & The Japanese", "The Upside Down Service Pyramid," "Moments Of Truth: When Your Product Is A Service," "Implementing A Team Organizational Framework In Your Pest Control Business."


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