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Marketing Strategy: "The Harvard Experience - Part I
        (For Owners & Managers)


This session deals with broad marketing concepts and strategies taught at the Harvard School of Business. Mr. Goldglantz, attended NPMA's Management Institute, in Cambridge, Mass (in 1999) - which was taught by two marketing/management professors from Harvard University. He has taken the information from the course and reduced it to easy to understand terminology. Mr. Goldglantz combines his own experience and knowledge with these advanced theories and concepts -then applies the information, utilizing practical examples, to the Pest Control Industry.

Topics Covered:

  • "What Is Your Company Vision?";

  • "Outlining Your Company Goals, Objectives and Methodology";

  • "Analyzing Your Business Composition";

  • "Managing Growth";

  • "Designing a Customer Service Program";

  • "How To Hire The Right People"; 

  • "Finding Your Niche - Segmentation & Differentiation";

  • "Marketing Trends-Current & Future";

  • "How Our Customers Have Changed; Add-On Services & Tie-Ins."

Program Outline:

  How Your Customers & Competitors Are Changing.

  Industry Trends: Insurance / Manufacturing / Legal.

  Understanding The Big Picture In Operating A Pest Control Business.

  Company Growth Strategy & How To Seek Customers.

  Selling, Customer Choice, Knowing Your Customer & Yourself.

  Business Innovation.

  The Four Stages Of The Customer Life Cycle.

   The Ten Steps Of The Order Cycle.

  Who Is A Loyal Customer?

   How Do You Keep Customers Loyal?

  How Do You Maximize Profitability?

  How Do You Create A Company Vision? “Studying Bugs Burger.”

  The Three Most Important Qualities In Hiring A Salesperson.

  Three Sales Management Systems Needed To Assure Success.

  The Criteria For Selecting Accounts.


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