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Preparing For and Marketing a Green Program
        (For All Employees)

Program Description:

Unless you are living in a shell, you will have noticed that “Going Green” is transforming the way business is conducted and marketed in the United States.

Pest Management Magazine and PCT Magazine have run cover articles on it.

NPMA has conducted featured seminars on the topic. The media is focusing on it and data shows that a significant percentage of your customers are willing to pay more for it. And now you have an opportunity to see how this movement will be impacting your own business. Attending this session will provide you with the information necessary to begin incorporating “green” service options into your business model.

Program Outline:

  •  Customer Demand
  •  Customers Willingness to Pay a Premium
  •  Efficacy & Availability of Products
  •  How We Got Here
  •  Trends
  •  Building a Green Program
  •  Green Credentialing Agencies
  •  Service Options
  •  Selling Green Services
  •  Green Branding
  •  Green Marketing


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