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Operating, Managing & Marketing Tomorrow's Pest Management Company
        (For Owners, Managers, Senior Office Personnel & Sales Personnel)


This business-management and marketing seminar is jam-packed with useful information that will help you operate your business more effectively and efficiently.   You will find the scope and quality of material offered, in such a short span of time, to be amazing. Attending this seminar will make a difference in the way you run your business. You will learn about consumer and Industry trends, and “How to develop a business strategy ‘by the numbers’.” To find out about developing your own marketing strategy: Plan To Attend! You will discover the secrets of how other successful companies got to where you want to go. This is THE workshop that you can’t afford to miss.

Program Outline:

  Program Overview & Change & The Pest Management Industry

        - Suggested Reading Prior To Workshop: “Who Moved My Cheese?”
            *  This 90 page, easy to read book, will take you less than an hour

               to finish. It is published by Putnam and written by Spencer
               Johnson, MD. It will set the tone and pace for today’s and will
               prepare you for the changes and challenges of tomorrow’s
               competitive business environment.

  Industry & Consumer Trends & How They Will Affect Your Business

        - This will be an interactive session.

  The Relationships & Interdependence Of The Individual Parts Of A Pest
     Control Business

        - The Business Puzzle: “Keeping It All Together.”

    *  The Five Keys That Unlock The Doors To A Successful Business.

        - How To Develop A Business Strategy “by the numbers”: The
          Business Plan.

    *  Taking a look at the financials and interpreting the results.

    *  Projecting future revenue, costs and profitability.

        - Cost Containment

        - Profit Enhancement

        - The Marketing Plan

    *  What Is Marketing?

    *  What Is The Purpose Of Marketing?

    *  How To Construct A Simple Marketing Plan For Your Company.

    *  Putting Together A Budget For Your Marketing Advertising

    *  Financing Growth

  The Fundamentals Of A Marketing Strategy

        - Identifying Customer Wants.

    *  How Much Are Cancellations Costing Your Company?

    *  Exceeding Customer Expectations.

    *  Identifying the five dimensions of customer service in a pest
                 control business.

    *  Niche Marketing: Market Segmentation & Market

    *  The price / value relationship.

    *  The importance of developing source credibility.

    *  How to identify a loyal customer.

    *  How to keep customers loyal.

    *  Extending The Customer Life Cycle & The Role It Plays In Your

    *  Managing The Customer Order Cycle.

  Putting Together A Strategic Service Vision For Your Company

        - Three “Musts” For A Company’s Growth.

        - Learning From The Best/Four Case Studies:

    *  Southwest Airlines

    *  Wal-Mart

    *  Intuit (Quicken)

    *  Bugs Burger

        - Melding The Marketing & Operational Focus Of Your Company.

        - Examining Today’s Customer Service Model.

        - Identifying and Putting The Service Profit Chain To Work For Your

        - Four Classifications Of Customers & How To Convert Them To

  Pricing For Profit:

        - How Much Does A Service Technician Cost Your Company?

        - A Look At A Simple Pricing Model.


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