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What You Need To Know Before Implementing Add-On Services
        (For Owners & Managers)


This session will examine integrating a number of Add-On Services into your service menu. Both pros and cons will be considered. Lawn care, Christmas décor, mold remediation and other options will be discussed, so that you can decide if you want to add services into your business model. Finally, creative marketing for these services is a must. You will learn tips on how to integrate these programs successfully.

I:    Considering Your Options – Overview

II:   Christmas Lighting                                                   

  •  Advantages/Disadvantages
  •  Average Sale & Profit Margins                        
  •  Do It Yourself – Pros & Cons                         
  •  Franchising – Pros & Cons
  •  Contact Information

III:  Lawn Services

  •  Advantages/Disadvantages
  •  Small Operation Start-Up
  •  High End Lawn Vehicle Set-Up
  •  Additional Equipment
  •  Sample Service Program
  •  Pricing A Typical Lawn
  •  Labor, Materials, Cost & Profit 

IV:  Mold Opportunities: Deal or No Deal?

  •  Advantages/Disadvantages
  •  The differences: Mitigation/Remediation/Control
  •  Locating Mold
  •  Advantages/disadvantages of entering this market
  •  The two profit centers: Liquid Application and Ozone Devices

V:   Other Add-On Service Profit Centers

  •  Multiple Service Cross Selling
  •  Vertical Marketing
  •  Flea & Tick Control/ Vets & Groomers

VI:  High Profit IPM Add-On Service Opportunities

  •  Gutter Cleaning
  •  Chimney Caps
  •  Vacuuming
  •  Crawl Space Insulation
  •  Crawl Space Vents
  •  Vapor Barriers


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