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After hearing Harvey Goldglantz at the Management Workshop, Im sending all the office personnel and supervisors I can to the one-day workshop. The fee is extremely reasonable and I expect the benefits to easily outweigh the cost!

                                                                                    - Bob Meyer


Harvey really knows pest control businesses.  He really thinks out of  the box.  (He has) a surprisingly fresh approach for someone who has been around the business for so long! 

                                                                                    - Steve Lum,



I could have listened to him for several more hours - I cant wait for the one-day series! His insights on the industry and his whole presentation were keys to success especially valuable coming from someone who has been in the industry so long. He delivered benchmark numbers that are absolutely necessary in seeing how we are doing and how our business measures up and what  we can do to exceed those standards. He covered so many specific areas of business knowledge and dealing with customers the realization of our business strategy for the future.

                                                                                    - John Milton,

                                                                                    Bug-Out Service

                                                                                    Commercial Inc.


Dear Harvey:


    Thank you for your participation at the recent FPMA Management Workshop.  We received rave reviews on the program due in no small part to your participation and presentation.


    We appreciate the time and effort you devoted to preparing for the program and know that without you a vital part of the experience would have been missing.


    We look forward to working with you in the future and anticipate your continued success!


                                                                                    Brian Van Dam


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